N16422 finally gets wrapped!








It took forever to get delivered but finally is here. N16422 can now feel cozy during the winter and have some sun protection during the summer (which is pretty much all year). I opted for the extended version that covers all the way down to the base of wings and the engine. I really liked how the engine is covered (we don’t want birds and bugs nesting there).

The cover is bulky, but if you wrap it properly it should take little space (Which never happens, we all tend to make a big “ball” and throw in there like putting clothes into your washing machine). I might get another “travel” size cover later-on and you can leave this one behind in your car trunk if going for a long/extended cross country.

The cover features a zipper on the side ( Which I didn’t know, doesn’t say on the manufacturing web page). Nice touch if you just want to access the interior without removing the entire cover:















Here is an example, not the best picture but you get the idea of the space required if properly folded:


















Pretty much I’m happy with my purchase. I was worried at the beginning about the engine cover part, I thought it might end up too bulky and difficult to install, but is actually pretty much the same. I also feel more comfortable knowing the engine cover paint will last a little longer and “stuff” will not get inside the engine area. It definitely exceeds my expectations so I would totally not recommend this to my enemies. =)

Liked it? I got it from Bruce Custom Covers. This one is named “EXTENDED CANOPY/ENGINE COVER “, Part#: PA28-072.

Happy flying!

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