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I recently added a survival kit box which includes essential items you might need in case of ‘landing” in the middle no-where. The box is orange for high visibility and also is watertight, it weighs around 13lb so I might be able to float (I’ve calculated an internal volume of 3.44 gallons, so it can displace at least 28.7lb of water). The box is also impact-resistance and has a little “breather” hole that allows it to adapt to changes in pressure.

The box contains the following:

  • First AID Kit for 4 people.
  • ER Bar, food for 1.5 days for 4 people.
  • Water, 2-3 days for 4 people.
  • Fire hatchet.
  • Big Knife.
  • 3x Flares.
  • 4x Survival blankets.
  • ResQLink+. Satellite+GPS Locator Beacon.
  • LED Lamp and Swiss Tool (Not on the image)

If for any reason you have to open the box or you find the security seal broken please notify me immediately. 

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